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Ceramic Coating

When cared for properly, ceramic coatings last years. Ceramic Coatings provide optimal protection against scratches, stone chips, harmful UV rays, road salt, road grim and also give your vehicle or boat surface extreme hydrophobicity.

Boat owners, tired of battling with water lines, lake grime and sludge stains should consider a Ceramic Coating. The hydrophobic properties in Ceramic Coatings have been proven in some trials to reduce drag and increase performance.

  Lifetime Warranty Ceramic ( Includes 2 Step Correction )  $1,999

  3 Year Ceramic  Includes (1 Step Correction )                    $899

Specialty Services

Carpet & Seat Shampoo

Sanitize disinfect and protect your vehicles inside from bacteria, microorganisms and viruses. Our Advanced Shampoo Treatment eliminates 99% of all bacteria and keeps your carpet and seats as fresh as can be.


*Included in some auto detailing packages.

Headlight Restoration

Get rid of yellow cloudiness and oxidation with our Advanced Headlight Restoration. Bring back the original sparkle and shine.

6 month guarantee.

$79 for set



Block liquids, contaminants & dirt from settling into your upholstery and carpet with our Advanced Fabric Guard. Blocks moisture from settling into your vehicles interior and contributing to the growth of bacteria.

$49 Carpet Only

$99 Carpet & Seats

Leather Conditioner

Leather is a natural material and requires frequent conditioning & hydration to stay soft & beautiful. Don't allow your leather to become brittle and dry. 


deodorize &

odor removal

We have the most advanced deodorizing and sanitizing capabilities available. Our extensive odor killing process is proven to remove even the

strongest of



Hydrophobic Windshield Rain Repellant 

Increase visibility & cut down on glare with our Advanced Windshield Treatment. 

$89  Windshield Only

$149  All Windows




Protect yourself and your passengers from harmful microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. We use a patented, spray on antimicrobial protectant. Protects against the growth of bacteria.

US EPA registered

Long term prevention

Highly durable

Non Toxic


Paint Correction

 Does your vehicles paint have tree sap, road tar spots, oxidation, rust specs or scratches? Contact us for our Advanced Paint Correction  Package. Full vehicle paint correction starting at


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